Love Patchwork & Quilting

Oh, hello there, friends!  Welcome to my new website!  If you've been here in the past, you'll notice a brand new look!  After my time at Alt Summit back in January, I came home ready to make some changes.  First step, making the switch to Squarespace 6 from their previous version.  This new version is really fabulous and includes the option for ecommerce integrated right into your site!  It is all hosted by Squarespace, so that means one price for everything and one site to manage!  How awesome is that?! Here is a link, in case you are interested:  Squarespace 6 Free Trial.  Fine print:  this is an affiliate link-- so if you sign up and decide to stay with them after clicking this link, then I get paid for the referral.  I plan to talk more about them in a future post as this is a product I TRULY believe in!

I haven't seen it yet either, as it arrives in the US mid-March, but doesn't it look fantastic??  They kindly sent me these photos along with the great news that they featured my fabric collection, In My Room!


Yay!   A big, huge thanks to everyone at the magazine!

And thanks to you guys for stopping by!  I'm working on this site as I go, so you might find a few pages that are incomplete right now.  Please hang in there.  I'm also adding new products to the store on a weekly basis.  If you purchase anything in the shop, please let me know how you like the system.  This is a new system (for Squarespace and for me) and I want to make sure things work perfectly for you!

Have a great week!