New Business Cards and Some Coaster Curtains

Last month I attended Alt Summit, and in preparation I created some new business cards.  I really liked the cards I'd been using, but I felt it was time for something new.  And if you are ever going to bring your business card A-game, Alt Summit is the place to do it!  Check out some of the great business card round-ups at the bottom of this post!

Jenean Morrison business cards

I decided to go with double-sided round cards this year, which allowed me to use some of my new hand-drawn mandalas as part of the design.  My original plan was to give, in addition to the cards, a set of coasters to everyone I met, so I had these printed also.

Jenean Morrison coasters

They came back from the printers considerably thinner than I had imagined, so I held on to them instead of handing them out.  The other day I had the idea to use them as curtains, so I punched a bunch of holes in them and strung them together with some simple rings.

Jenean Morrison coaster curtains

It has been a dark, cold winter here in Memphis, but yesterday the sun finally shined!  I hung them from a tension rod and let the sun shine though!

Jenean Morrison coaster curtains.

Such a lovely visual.  I couldn't help getting a little artsy with some photos!

Jenean Morrison coaster curtains.
Jenean Morrison coaster curtains.

I hope the sun is shining brightly where you are today!

Here are a few great Alt Summit business card roundups:

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You'll find a TON of great inspiration in these cards!