A Must-Read Book for All Aspiring Designers

I haven't yet created an F.A.Q. page for my site, but if I were to create that page, the number one question I would attempt to answer is "How do I get started in fabric design?"  Since I began designing fabric, I've gotten so many requests for information on the subject.  I've tried to offer my best advice, but it is not always possible to give the kind of thorough answers I would like to give.  Thankfully, the amazing Lizzy House has written an awesome book on the subject, a book so beautiful and informative that you absolutely must read it if you have ever wanted to design fabric.

I've provided a link to the book in my sidebar for your convenience.  The book is in pdf form and is incredibly well written and beautifully designed.  I enjoyed every page, every word and every photo in the book, and even though I am working on my fourth fabric collection I learned SO much!  Lizzy has a wonderful voice and the book is encouraging, inspiring and informative.  I hope that all of you who have ever wondered about designing fabric will purchase her book. 

I contacted Lizzy recently with a question about signing and numbering my gocco prints and she wrote me back with a detailed explanation that more than answered my question.  She is tremendously knowledgable about all aspects of design and generously shares her knowledge.  I hope you all enjoy the book as much as I did.  I know I will be referring to it repeatedly for both technical knowledge and inspiration! 

NOTE:  I am NOT an affiliate and I do not recieve ANY compensation if you purchase this book.  I was also not asked to review the book.  The above blog post is my sincere, honest, unbiased opinion.