Drawing, Thinking, Coloring

I recently signed up for Marisa Haedike's (Creative Thursday) e-course In the Fish Bowl :: Life as an Artist. Online.  Wow!  We are on week one and my head is already spinning (in a good way)!  She and the other members in the class have given me so much to think about.  I feel changed.  Seriously.  Does that sound crazy??  It has only been a few days!  I can't really explain it.  Maybe it is simply that I slowed down long enough to give some serious thought to my life as an artist.  I wake up every day so excited to get to work but it wasn't until I slowed down long enough to listen to Marisa's first podcast that I realized what a rush I am always in.  Always.

Marisa posed some great questions for us to think about and as I thought about my answers this past week I realized how little thought I put into my artistic life.  It isn't that I am not thoughtful about my work because I am, but I work so fast and frantically that I rarely slow down.  I go from one project immediately to the next and I almost always feel like I am struggling to keep up and that I can't get enough done.  The funny thing is, I am the one imposing the deadlines on myself in most cases, so this frantic pace is completely of my own making. I always feel like I need to do more, work harder, finish more things, get more jobs, sell more work- all of that.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  But after listening to the first course, I suddenly felt calmer and more relaxed about everything.  Maybe it was just the calm tone of Marisa's voice!

Marisa's classes are audio podcasts and at first I felt confused because I wanted something to look at, some visuals to accompany her soothing voice.  Then she explained that the reason she chose to do audio courses was so that we could create while listening.  What a great idea!  I started on the drawing you see above while listening to the first class.  When the class ended, I kept the room silent and continued to draw while I thought about Marisa's words.  It was such a lovely experience.  I felt calm.  I felt comfortable.  I felt happy.  And I didn't feel rushed.

As I do with most of my drawings I scanned it in to the computer and digitally colored it.  I love the results and this print will always be special to me because I feel like it represents the beginning of a journey. Here are the colored results:

These prints all available for purchase in the shop.

I hope your week is going well!  I'm looking forward to Thursday and our second class!