More Awesome Quilts from Quilt Market

Here are a few more great quilts from Quilt Market.  These first two were designed by Cheryl Adam for the Westminster/Sizzix booth.   The quilt on the left uses prints from Wild World and from Free Spirit's new Designer Dapples.  The quilt on the right uses prints from both Picnic Parade and California Dreamin'.  I love both of these!

Here's a close-up of the Wild World quilt:

I love how well this salmon print coordinates with this collection.

This next quilt was created by Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios.  I am heartbroken that I don't have a better picture!  This quilt was SO beautiful in real life!  We just had a hard time capturing the beauty with the spotlight shining so brightly on it.

You can see the work a little better here:

A pattern for this quilt will be available on the Free Spirit site soon!

Big thanks to Cheryl and Scott for their gorgeous work!!  And a special thanks to Scott for these goodie-bags he created and sent my way via Bari J.  These were created from a pattern by Monica Solorio-Snow (whom I met at market--SO nice!) and they are just adorable, don't you think?  I think these work perfectly with the small-scale prints of Wild World!