New Tools = New Inspiration

It's so interesting how sometimes new tools––be they apps, devices, or something as simple as a new paintbrush or pen––can inspire you to do new things with your art. I'm still loving the Adobe drawing apps and their Ink & Slide––so much so that I can't seem to stop using them!  Seriously, I have sketched on the iPad every day since I got these new tools.  These apps really encourage creativity and spontaneity while sketching.  There is an amazing freedom in being able to erase and/or color over anything you've already done.  Plus, I can do things on the iPad that I could never do on paper.  For example, in the design below I used the marker tool to color in the green background.  I then drew on top of the background with a lighter color.

The past couple of weeks I've created some Mid-Century-inspired designs as well as some patterns.


I've made several of these designs available on iPhone cases and prints in my Nuvango shop! I'll be posting more of these here soon and on my Instagram because I can't stop drawing!!

All artwork created on the iPad Air using Adobe Line and Adobe Ink.