Peaceful Painting

I've spent the last month or so working like crazy to get ready for Quilt Market.  My new fabric line is coming out and that means brochures, the Schoolhouse, Schoolhouse giveaways, projects... lots and lots of stuff to do!  I've even been sewing!!  Yes, you read that right!  I sewed a dress and so far it hasn't fallen apart.  Of course, I haven't worn it anywhere yet.  Maybe I should try it out around the house before I wear it to market, just to make sure it will stay in one piece while I move around! 

While you might expect this post to contain photos of all my hard work, I'm saving that for next time.  This post is about what I do to stay calm during the stressful moments.  I've kept a painting in the floor of my studio and I've turned to it all throughout this month.  Painting relaxes me and gives me time to collect my thoughts and step away from the craziness.  Just a few minutes a day calms me down and once I've had a little break I find it much easier to focus on the day's tasks.


I think working with these soothing, calming colors has been a great help.


The house is all nice and tidy, so here are a couple of shots of the painting in its new spot:



It looks good there, don't you think?  Of course, I have a million of my own paintings, so maybe it would look better in your house!  I'll be listing it in my shop soon!