Quilt Market 2012

Last week I spent a few days in Houston for International Quilt Market.  I didn't have a booth of my own this time around, and I have to say, it was kind of nice to be able to get in and out with a pretty light load!  Free Spirit had a gorgeous booth display, and they created panels for each of our new collections.  My newest collection is called "In My Room" and it is shipping now!


That gorgeous quilt was designed and created by April of Prairie Grass Patterns.  I love it SO much!  She'll have a pattern out soon-- I'll keep you guys posted! 


The two pillows sitting on the table were designed and created by Amanda at Material Girl Quilts.  I'm so crazy about them.  They were a big hit at my schoolhouse.  Check out her blog to see more pictures of them.  As soon as Free Spirit sends them back my way, I'll take some more pics so you can see them better.


A big thanks to April and Amanda!  It really helps people understand the line when they can see first-hand how the fabrics work together.

I also had help from Kristen at KD Quilts and Tammy at Karamat Sews.  They were both kind enough to help me out with quilts, and the both did it at lightning-fast speed!  You can see a little bit of the quilt Tammy made at the bottom of the picture above.  I left just about everything with Free Spirit so that it could stay in the booth and make it look pretty.  More pics of their gorgeous quilts once I get them back!

Quilt Market is always so wonderful.  I saw so many old friends and made lots of new ones.  I'm looking forward to Portland in the spring!