Quilting Class Update

Well, I did it!  I attended my first quilting class last weekend-- what a thrill!  Seriously, it was very exciting.  For a first class, I learned much more than I expected.

The class is being taught at Memphis College of Art as part of their Community Education program.  The instructor is Karla Strickland, a life-long quilter and owner of End of the Road Quilters.  She shared some of her quilts with us and they were absolutely gorgeous!  She also has a calm, reassuing manner that helped relax me after I realized the quilt we'd be making in class was filled with triangles! 

I mocked up a couple of different versions of the quilt we'll be making.  This quilt was originally designed by Susan Mayer for Clothworks, using Sue Zipkin's beautiful Hydrangeas fabrics.  You can see the original pattern here, and here are a couple of versions using Silent Cinema:

We were told to avoid directional prints for our first quilt as they can be difficult to line up.  I've mostly chosen allover prints but I was thinking about throwing in some of the directional ones because I like the way these read as solids. 

Aside from learning some of the basics of quilting, one of the best things I learned in class was about my sewing posture.  I was leaning way back in my chair like I was driving a sportscar--my right leg stretched way out in front of me as if I was putting the pedal to the metal.  I was so far away from the machine--what a difference it made when I sat up straight and got closer to the machine.  It made those 1/4 inch seems much more manageable!

Our second class is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.  I have so many ideas for my fabrics and I am happy to be learn some techniques for putting them together.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!