Smart Creative Women

I'm so excited to share this interview with y'all!  My good friend, Monica Lee, has the best website in the world, Smart Creative Women.  She interviews women from all kinds of creative fields, and today I am her guest!

We talk about a lot of fun things... art licensing, Alt Summit, my coloring book, and following Seth Godin's advice to "Pick yourself"!  I had a blast talking to her! 

I was actually talking a lot with Monica last year when she came up with the idea for this show.  She is such a natural at this, I knew it would be a great format for her.  And it is even better than I could have imagined!  Be sure to check out her archives because she has interviewed a bunch of creative women!

Monica and I will be headed to Alt Summit next week-- so exciting!  And, even more exciting, I'll be speaking this year!  I'm leading a round table on Art Licensing and Portfolio Prep.  I'll be talking about getting your collections together for licensing.  I'm always interested to see what other artists are doing, so I'll be sharing examples of the different kinds of portfolios I send out to different manufacturers.  Speaking of which, did y'all know that Blurb now prints brochures and magazines??  I ordered these brochures to use in my discussion, and they turned out beautiful!


It is really wonderful that one can have one single brochure printed!  And the quality is amazing!  In the "old days" you'd have to have at least 100 printed, and it might cost a fortune.  Being able to print one brochure at a time allows me to tailor my presentation to specific manufacturers.  I can do as many different layouts as I like, and include whatever artwork I like!  And each manufacturer gets a lovely presentation!  Can you tell I'm really excited about these?!

Ok, off to do more prep for my round table!  I'll try to check in with you guys again before I leave on Tuesday, but if not, I'll give you the full recap when I get back!