Thank You, Film in the Fridge!!

Ok, if you haven't already been, please immediately go to Film in the Fridge and check out the wonderful, fabulous, absolutely amazing quilts Ashley made for me to take to Quilt Market!!  I'm so excited about them!  They should be arriving any day now so I had planned to take my own photos, but she has such gorgeous photos on her site, that you must, must, must see them all!  Here are a couple I pulled from her blog:



I'm seriously drooling this morning!  Wait until you see what she did on the backs of these!

I'm completely getting ahead of myself and need to backtrack a little.  I've been a fan of the Film in the Fridge blog for quite some time and am a huge fan of Ashley's quilts.  I contacted her to see if she could do two quilts for me, one in each of the colorways of California Dreamin'.  These quilts have completely exceeded my expectations and I haven't even seen them in person yet!  Ashley was also kind enough to make a mini-quilt, which looks just as awesome, and you can view it here.

Thank you so much, Ashley!  I'll be on my front porch watching for the mailman until these arrive!

Just a side note... I've decided I want to move to South Burlington, Vermont.  Or at the least, I'd like to vacation there very soon!