The Perfect Pen and Paper Combination?

Hi there!  How's it going?  Things are great around here!  I'm feeling more productive than ever and I think it has something to do with the tennis I've been playing lately.  I'm not big on exercise--sure, my husband and I take walks around the neighborhood just about every day but it has been years since I exercised to the point of being drenched in sweat and waking up the next morning aching all over.  I'm taking tennis lessons and playing some with my husband and it is so much fun!  I'm a complete beginner but even at my level it is a lot of exercise and very rewarding.  For a girl who spends just about all day every day in front of a computer, this has been a wonderfully refreshing change of pace.  I've also been doing some gardening and I think all of these things are contributing to a healthier state of mind.  The design ideas seem to be pouring out of me every time I get back to the computer!

I posted a shot of this drawing in my last post (after I had imported it into Illustrator) but neglected to post the original drawing:

I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for the perfect pen and paper combination.  For this drawing I used Stonehenge paper and Sakura Pigma Micron pens.  I love the pens but sometimes wish for a smoother, cleaner drawing experience.  I like the paper because it has some texture to it.  If paper is too smooth I feel like I lose control of the pens but if there is too much texture it creates unwanted bumps and points.   I'd love to know what you guys use.  Any suggestions for the perfect pen/paper combo?

Thanks and I hope you guys are having a lovely week!