Wild World Photos

My husband, Joel, was such a HUGE help in designing my booth for Quilt Market, where we promoted my latest fabric line for Free Spirit, Wild World. If you stopped to talk to me at the show, you probably know that the bike was his idea, the guitar was his idea, the whole concept for the booth was his idea!  I wish he had been with me when they came around to give us the Creativity Award.  He probably deserved it more than me!

Joel was also responsible for the stunning photos that adorned the walls of our booth.  These photos highlight some clothes (and a guitar) made from/ adorned with my Wild World fabric. He took so many good ones that it was almost impossible to narrow it down to two. These are the two we chose--you can see them as they looked in the booth here.

And here are a few more that I LOVE but didn't make the cut for our booth.

And this one is my favorite:

I love everything about these photos.  They truly capture the spirit of what I was going for with this fabric line and with our booth.  The model is Bunny Lampert, who lives here in Memphis and was the perfect person for the shoot! Check out her band, Bosco Delrey, currently touring with the Magic Kids. And if you are in or near Memphis this Friday, you can check out both bands at the Hi Tone here in town!

UPDATE:  I should have put this in the original post, but I forgot!  That gorgeous dress is from a pattern by Jamie Christina called the Sunny Day Dress.  It is one of my favorite dresses/patterns of all time!  The quilt is from Film in the Fridge and the skirt is a wraparound skirt of my own design--modified and based on a wraparound skirt I purchased about 10 years ago.